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Kamis, 18 Agustus 2011

S CLUB 7 - (1999) All In Love Is Fair

Actually this Kolesi Hampi with Ida Laila, because it was again hisvigorous collecting tapes of all my friends for ripping regardless ofcover. So when this time again I need for my post, it looks without the cover. fortunately there are supply documents on wikipedia,the free encyclopedia.
wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 
wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. wikipedia states :
S CLUB 7 - (1999) All In Love Is Fair
S CLUB 7 - (1999) All In Love Is Fair
7 is the second album by British pop group S Club 7. It was released by Polydor Records on 12 June 2000, and 14 November 2000 in North America. The album was primarily produced by Cathy Dennis and Simon Ellis. It received a mixed reception from music critics, but despite critical commentary, it became one of the group's most successful album releases, and reached number one in the United Kingdom, where it was certified triple platinum. The album peaked at number sixty-nine on the Billboard albums chart and was certified gold. With the release of S Club's 2000 Children in Need single "Never Had a Dream Come True", the album was re-released on 4 December 2000 with the radio edit of "Natural" (which was not on the original version) two extra tracks ("Never Had a Dream Come True" and a previously unreleased cover of Stevie Wonder's "Lately") as well as CD-ROM videos of "Reach" and "Natural". The only other part of the album that was changed was the overall theme. The blue feel of the first album was changed to a mixture of purples. The rest of the album, including the "Thank You's", remained unchanged 

  1. Reach (C. Denis & A Todd).mp3 Reach (C. Denis & A Todd)
  2. Natural (Single Vesion)
  3. I'll Keep Waiting (C. Dennis & S. Ellis)
  4. Bring The House Down (A.Watkins, P.Wilson & T.Ackerman)
  5. Best Friend (T.Laws, S.Emanuel, B.McIntosh & R.Morgan)
  6. All In Love Is Fair (C. Dennis & S. Ellis).
  7. Love Train (C. Denis & A Todd)
  8. Cross My Heart (A.Watkins, P.Wilson & T.Ackerman)
  9. The Colour Of Blue (L.Aass & B.Lødemel)
  10. I'll Be There (C.Dennis & D.Poku)
  11. Two In A Million
  12. Lately (S. Wonder)
  13. Never Had A Dream Come True  (C. Dennis & S. Ellis)

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