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Kamis, 18 Agustus 2011

THE CORR'S - (2001) The Best Of

THE CORR'S - (2001) The Best
THE CORR'S - (2001) The Best Of

Almost all western collection of songs that I have comes from the cassette (not CD or VCD) and have the same fate, ie without cover. To complete it as a decoration, then find an appropriate image of course, that there is on wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, if any. Or to other blogs that have a collection.
Please download and ... enjoy!

Side  : A
  1. Would You Be Happier
  2. So young (K. Klass - Remix)
  3. Runaway
  4. Breathles
  5. Radio (Unplugged)
  6. What Can I Do
  7. The Right Time
  8. I Never Loved You Unway
  9.  Impresistible

Side  : B
  1. Forgiven. Not Forgoten
  2. Lough Erin Sore (Unpluged)
  3. Only When I Sleep
  4. Love To Love  You
  5. Everybody Hurts (Unpluged)
  6. Give Me A Reason
  7. Dreams
  8. Make You Mine
  • Because there are related parties (ie the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of the U.S.) I am content deemed harmful and violate the copyright laws of others, then the download link I replace it with just the song list. And if it had already been downloading it means that your fortune. Thank you.

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